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The role of tablets in better healthcare

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The role of tablets in better healthcare


It seems doctors love their personal smartphones and tablets as much as the rest of us. But when it comes to work devices, the interaction often leaves a lot to be desired.
We explored how doctors are using mobile devices in patient care, and what they wish their dream device could do.

3 things to know

  1. Experientia conducted extensive user research in China, Germany, the UK and the USA, visiting hospitals and interviewing and shadowing doctors and nurses.

  2. We also conducted participatory design sessions with doctors, exploring their what their ideal work device would do, and how they would interact with it.

  3. Working closely with Intel, we designed a prototype interface of a personal device for use in healthcare systems.

Experientia conducted an international ethnographic research project for Intel, exploring the impact that devices such as tablets have on healthcare workers in hospital systems.

We went into hospitals in China, Germany, the UK and the USA, and explored doctors' daily practices, workflows and communication patterns, through in-depth interviews, on-site shadowing, and participatory design workshops. These insights were translated into design directions for tablet-based hardware, software and service opportunities within healthcare. A concept prototype shows how a radically redesigned mobile device experience can strongly impact a physician’s point-of-care abilities.

We provided detailed analysis of all findings, maps of current device usage and of opportunity areas for future device developments, persona profiles of key users in the healthcare industry, as well as numerous concept ideas.

The most promising and relevant concepts were translated into interaction design and user interface solutions and prototyped.

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