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Toncelli Cucine

Prisma, a new style of luxury kitchen

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Prisma, a new style of luxury kitchen

Toncelli Cucine

Toncelli Cucine is an Italian family-owned company specializing in high-end kitchens. Known for its luxury products, Toncelli brought Experientia on board to revitalize its identity and market offering to reach the mid-price market segment.

Experientia designed Prisma, Toncelli’s first entry-level kitchen, featuring a new type of design approach and a series of smart technological features.

3 things to know

  1. Toncelli, known for its luxury kitchens, aimed to revitalize its identity and market offering to reach the mid-price market segment.

  2. We worked closely with Toncelli to create Prisma, their first entry-level kitchen with a new design approach and smart, technological innovations.

  3. Prisma was featured at Eurocucina 2012 – the International Kitchen Furniture Trade Show in Milan, and rolled out alongside the new communication strategy and overall brand strategy we devised for Prisma.

Prisma is a stylistic departure from Toncelli’s other kitchens, but ensures a line of continuity which maintains Toncelli’s branding, dedication to luxury finishes, and its emphasis on Italian-made quality and style.

Minimalist luxury
The minimalist design fits well with the high tech elements of the kitchen – red and white lacquered surfaces, anodized aluminium and black glass create a contemporary and dynamic feel. Angled brilliantly white wall surfaces dynamically reflect light to play with brightness and shadow. The prismatic composition of the shapes, such as the wall units, the drawers in the island bench, and the sink which supports the bench top, create a feeling of weightlessness and movement.

Innovative patented features
Throughout the implementation process, we worked carefully with Toncelli, to ensure that the design was feasible and effective. Experientia’s industrial designers went deep into the details of each part of the design, prototyping alongside Toncelli engineers. Together they devised a unique solution for opening heavy drawers, cupboards and side-by-side refrigerators. The resulting handle-free opening method is exclusive to the Prisma kitchen, and currently has a patent pending. It ensures the smooth, uninterrupted look of the surfaces is both beautiful and functional, and adds to the sense of lightness of the kitchen.

This sense of lightness is enhanced by the illumination of the pieces, lit from below. We worked with Toncelli’s engineers to ensure that the final underfloor lighting solution offered a low, diffused glow, which highlights the kitchen’s features and adds warmth to the overall feel.

Cutting edge technology
The technological innovations are continued in two other major features of the kitchen. The first is a raised chopping board that can actually slide along the benchtop to any desired position and provides an accent of color in the otherwise black and white kitchen. In the center of the chopping board, a Lazy Susan sports a stand for a tablet computer.

Finally, the most striking feature is the touchscreen surface, integrated seamlessly into the suspended black glass bench. Designed for tech savvy home chefs, the Prisma kitchen picks up on the trend of tablet computers migrating to the kitchen, and then takes that idea to the next level.

A new communication strategy – including catalog, website, press releases, marketing material, iPad/iBook applications and a trade fair stand – for both Prisma and the overall offer of the brand, was developed, timed to revitalize the company’s presentation at Eurocucina 2012 – the International Kitchen Furniture Trade Show, held in Milan.

Prisma kitchen has been featured in the Interni Cucina Annual 2012.

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