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Elena Novati

UX researcher


Elena Messina


Tommaso Ottaviani

Elena Novati

UX researcher

Never trust someone who gives you a book without any inscription.

Elena Novati has a degree in the psychology of social and organizational processes, and economic behavior. She is specialized in the management of service design and open innovation projects. An expert in user research and analysis of consumer behaviors, she has carried out co-design and participatory processes for company innovation in diverse sectors.

Her past roles include two years at Attoma Milano, a service design agency, where she coordinated the Hacking Health project, an international project to transform the healthcare ecosystem. The project employed qualitative interviews using ethnographic research and observations, workshops, events and laboratories typical of design thinking methods.

She has also worked on fintech projects, working on digital banking for the promotion of new services, usability testing and information architecture.

Never trust someone who gives you a book without any inscription.

Do you collect anything?

Yes, I am absolutely obsessed with the Smurfs (currently 257 characters in my collection) and wine bottles (Barbera above all).

Describe your favorite color to someone who’s blind.

Emerald green smells like fresh lime. When you feel happy, at ease, free and confident, then it means you feel like emerald-green.

What’s your superpower?

A mix of healthy cynicism and irony.