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Dohun Jang

Visual and interaction designer


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Dohun Jang

Visual and interaction designer

I believe in your dream

Dohun Jang has a bachelor’s degree in visual communication design, from Kyung-sung University in South Korea.

Before beginning his career at Experientia Dohun was part of the Korea Design Membership, organised by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, for three years, and has attended sustainability workshops at Domus Academy in Milan, Italy.

His recent work at Experientia has included interaction design for projects in finance, sustainability and mobile devices; and graphic design for internal and client communications.

In addition to this, he is also a skilled calligrapher.

I believe in your dream

How would you spend your days in an alternate universe?

I would spend my days to make an alternate universe.

Finish the sentence: "I could talk for hours about... alternate universes."

What's your favourite song to sing out loud?

Today is Monday written by Eric Carle.