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Chiara Agamennone

Service designer


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Chiara Agamennone

Service designer

I write, erase, rewrite; Erase again, and then; A poppy blooms. - Tachibana Hokushi

Chiara Agamennone is a service designer with a master from the Milan Polytechnic University. Prior to joining Experientia as a service designer, Chiara worked in the Experience Design Lab of Intesa Sanpaolo's Innovation Center, which now has a strategic partnership with Experientia.

Originally from a medical and scientific background, Chiara has a bachelor degree in nursing and worked in the public health sector from 2012 to 2016. She worked as a nurse in emergency departments - in Italy and the British NHS - for 4 years. This experience allowed her to closely observe the many issues that the healthcare system - and other industries - is facing. She brings this expertise to her approach to service design and user experience design.

You can read Chiara's writing on Healthcare as a platform: A check-up of healthcare industry in a globalized and connected world.

I write, erase, rewrite; Erase again, and then; A poppy blooms. - Tachibana Hokushi

What is the world's most underrated invention?

Any technology, if it is used only for the purpose for which it was designed.

Describe your favorite color to somebody who's blind.

The sound of the double bass played with the bow, the embrace of the lover.

What's your superpower?

The kindness necessary to take a step back so that things happen.